4 Reasons Why Brake Machining Is Absolutely Necessary

5 October 2017
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Brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It is therefore imperative to keep your brakes well maintained. The biggest debate on brake maintenance is whether to go for brake machining and stretch the parts for a few more kilometres or simply replace them every time they don't feel right. Brake machining is recommended based on the following reasons.

Restores the brake parts to their correct state

Brake machining ensures that the brake disc's surface remains flat and smooth. This is because a good braking system is based on good contact between the brake pads and the brake disc. This can only be achieved when the disc is smooth. As the disc gets older, it can wear and result in a poor grip which compromises on the vehicle's ability to stop. Brake machining restores worn out rotors to new-like condition. 

Saves on costs

Maintaining your brakes is important not only for your safety but also to save money. Replacing parts is expensive .If your brake disk is not checked when replacing brake pads, you may end up with ruined pads due to a rough brake disc. Furthermore, poor brakes could end up affecting the clutch parts as you will increasingly rely on the clutch to keep the car stationary. Brake machining is therefore necessary when replacing brake parts to avoid unnecessary costs. For this reason, most professional brake mechanics will not replace the brake pads without machining just in case the pads don't sit right.

Encourages even wear

There are times when the brake parts wear out only on one side. Brake parts are sold in pairs making it difficult to buy a single part. Machining comes to the rescue as you can give your brake disc additional life and smoothening, especially if it has sufficient thickness. 

Saves you from having to replace your rotors prematurely

Where rotors have enough metal and have no evidence of severe cracking, machining is a better option than replacement. Rotors are designed with a thickness sufficient to support two or more brake pad replacements which allows you to stretch the rotor's life before finally replacing it.

Brakes are the parts you rely on the most while driving. Do not compromise on your safety or other people's safety; ensure your brake pads and rotor are in good condition. Brake machining can help save on costly repairs and prevent unpleasant surprises on the road.