What Should You Do When Your Power Steering Pipes up?

29 November 2019
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The modern-day car is so quiet that you can virtually hear a pin drop as you are driving along. Much of this is due to aerodynamic wizardry and soundproofing, but it is also due to mechanical efficiency and the fact that most moving parts do not make any noise at all. As this is the case, you will certainly notice if something is untoward, as a strange noise will stand out very clearly. Read More 

Truck Parts Replacement: Inspecting Critical Components for Wear

30 March 2019
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Regular replacement of commercial truck parts is crucial for the ideal performance of the vehicle. In general, the components installed in trucks are tough and long-lasting. However, they will begin to wear out due to the operational conditions of the automobile. For instance, most of the parts degrade due to friction, high temperature and contamination. When these elements begin to deteriorate, the vehicle will not break down immediately. Still, the degraded auto components will compromise the performance of the truck and cause significant inefficiencies. Read More