Vehicle Suspension: Three Lift Options for Your Off-Road Truck

27 February 2017
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If you are thinking about enhancing your truck, you should consider installing a lift system for your vehicle's suspension. In general, a lift kit is designed to modify the functionality of the suspension so that the handling and the ride quality of your truck will be improved. In addition, this modification will give your vehicle a higher profile, and you can fit larger wheels and tyres. Consequently, you will be able to boost the visual impact of our vehicle by giving it a tougher and more imposing appearance. There are different types of lifting systems that you can select for your off-road truck, depending on your needs. Here is a brief description of the primary types of lift options to consider purchasing and installing.

Suspension Lift

As implied, the suspension lift is designed to raise the entire suspension system in the truck. The objective is to create more room between the road or ground and the vehicle's axles. This makes the truck more suitable for off-road applications and produces better handling results, which promotes driving pleasure and safety. Moreover, the greater ground clearance means that you can install larger wheels and even drive on rougher roads more comfortably. If you want to perform this type of lift, you will have to replace the shock absorbers, like with Rancho shock absorbers, and even the leaf springs. Therefore, the cost of this modification can be considerably high.

Body Lift

If you would like a cheaper lifting alternative in comparison to the suspension lift, consider choosing a body lift kit. This is designed to raise the vehicle by lifting the truck's body from its frame. In simple terms, a body lift kit is equipped with spacers and blocks which can prop up the body of your truck higher than the original position over the frame. The ground clearance will not increase after lifting the vehicle in this way. However, the height of your wheel wells can increase significantly, allowing you to install larger wheels and tyres. This is not the most ideal lift for off-road vehicles because the performance is not improved. You should note that the bumpers of your truck might need to be raised during this lift to provide uniformity.

Levelling Kit

The front part of trucks does not normally match the stock height of the vehicle's rear. A levelling kit is designed to raise the front part in order to create a uniform appearance with regard to this. This is an inexpensive lift option compared to others because it only requires spacers to perform the alteration.