DIY Tips on How to Replace the Grill on Your Truck

13 March 2017
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A grill is a cage-like device that guards the radiator and engine compartment while facilitating air flow in these components. Its position makes it prone to damage from impact, especially when off-roading. If the grill is broken, it can let dirt and debris into the engine and radiator, and this will affect the performance of these components. Luckily, replacing a damaged grill is a relatively easy DIY project that any truck owner can undertake with just a socket set or spanners. Here are the steps to follow after purchasing the replacement grill for your vehicle.

Locate the top of the grill

To replace the damaged grill, you need to remove it from where it sits on the front of the truck. You need to open the hood so that you can properly access the bolted parts of the device. Locate the front part of the grill and look for the protective strip that's usually placed over it. Remove this covering before proceeding to unscrew the grill.

Unbolt and remove the grill

Inspect the grill and look for all the screws or bolts that hold it in place. You need to lubricate the screws using a liquid lubricant to make the unscrewing process easy. Next, take your socket set or spanners and find the tool that's appropriately sized. Carefully unscrew each bolt and remove the nuts on top of them.

After removing all the nuts and placing them aside, the next step is to remove the grill from its seating on the truck. You will require some effort to detach it from its position on the vehicle. Once it's out, compare its measurements with the new grill to make sure that it's correctly sized for your vehicle.

Install the new grill

The process of slotting the new grill is fairly straightforward as it involves fitting it where the old grill was. As long as it's the right size, it should fit correctly on the vehicle. Once it's slotted in, retrieve the bolts used for the old grill and screw them on the new one to hold it in place. If the new grill came with nuts, you could use them instead of the old ones. Make sure that the bolts are tightly screwed and install the protective cover over the top of the grill.

Take your truck for a test drive to determine whether the grill is securely in place. Any rattling sound may be an indication that it is not seated in place. Inspect the new grill and make sure it is fitted properly and all the bolts are tightened. For assistance, talk to a professional like Moore Truck Parts.